Power-Sonic VRLA batteries

Power-Sonic VRLA batteries

For your mobility scooter try Power-Sonic VRLA batteries

Power-Sonic VRLA batteries

Power-Sonic is truly a world leader in the manufacturer of  Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries. Hence, their battery products are totally rechargeable. Of course, Power-Sonic is one of the oldest producers of this type of battery, producing them for over 45 years. Because, their products are sold to a wide range of industries and markets.  All over the world. Including here in the UK.

Power-Sonic has, over the years.  Developed an extensive technical department. As expected, the technical department boasts a state-of-the- art testing laboratory. For this reason, they are available to give any technical advice on battery application problems; that may be required. Thus, solving any problems that a customer may have. For any required technical support from Power-Sonic, please contact us.

Power-Sonic manufacture and sell a complete range of VRLA batteries including:

  • PS Range, this battery has a 5-10 Year Design Life in Float Service
  • PG Range comes with 15 Year Design Life in Float Service
  • PSGL Series manufactures an extensive range of Gel batteries of various designs
  • PSX Series 6-10 Yr Life (VRLA) Designed Specifically for UPS Systems
  • OPzV Range 2 Volt Cells (20yr Life) 2V Tubular Gel Batteries
  • Bespoke Battery Packs

Power-Sonic VRLA batteries, centres

Power-Sonic batteries is based in San-Diego, California, USA. Of course, Power-Sonic has a European office in the north of Paris, in the town of Senlis. Necessarily, Power-Sonic has a UK branch in Wickford Essex. It is a fact that Power-Sonic batteries are internationally available through both our extensive network of distributors and our subsidiaries.The UK branch operates a network of battery suppliers, including Batteriesontheweb, operating out of Halifax, Yorkshire, UK.

For this reason, you can rely on a quality battery product if you are thinking of buying a Power-Sonic battery for your mobility scooter or UPS backup system. Power-Sonic is also suitable for; Fire and Security, Telecommunications, UPS/Standby Power, Emergency Lighting,  Renewable Energy, General Electronics and Utilities.