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A Few More Mobility Scooters About

A Few More Mobility Scooters About

I have recently started to deliver a few of our customers battery orders after covid restrictions were lifted. It is now 8 weeks since my knee replacement operation and I now feel comfortable driving again. Importantly my pain has diminished! People who have had the operation will vouch for me how painful the procedure can be.

Of course the pain now has almost gone apart from pain twinges every now again. Happily though, my knee is now much stronger and will be much better after another month or two’s walking and exercise. Just my left knee to do then!

However, I have now started to drive up to 2 hr journeys from our base in Halifax. This Saturday I went to Coventry to sort out a customers suspected faulty 85ah mobility battery. This was on my 2 hour limit there and two hours back. Other than this then I stay at home as much as possible self isolating. Primarily because I am still visiting the Spire Hospital in Elland  Yorkshire on a weekly basis until discharged.

Unfortunately, I have a small infection where my stitches were. This is causing a little concern so I have my dressings changed twice a week. So, on my travels then I am noticing a slight increase in mobility scooter traffic.

Scooters out and about

I am sure that people are now nipping out to the shops and supermarket more often now many of the covid restrictions have been lifted. Caution is the key word here though! Sensible people are still wearing their masks because they are in the most vulnerable group. Mobility scooter drivers are usually elderly or indeed have some sort of disability.

In many cases their scooters are a life saver and the only chance they have of getting out and about. It is great to see this part of our community able to get out and about. Visiting friends and of course doing the weekly shop. My local CO-OP is one of their larger stores. We have some familiar faces who are allowed to drive about the store on their mobility scooters. One lady I know is well into her nineties and still does a daily shop on her scooter. Although she can be a little dangerous, we all have to be vigilant and keep an eye open when she is in shopping!