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Satisfying Retirement

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Satisfying Retirement

So, this also applies to people with disabilities and people without. Of course there are also inbetweenies. What do I mean? well I am approaching my seventieth birthday. Thus may in fact. Although I am not classed as disabled I still have bad knees. I find it difficult to kneel down and stand up with great difficulty.

I hear you shout, (new knees are the answer), but I guess that I haven’t plucked up the courage yet. However, I still love my business. For this reason, my business keeps me going. It is something to get me out of bed in a morning. The way I look at it then I am reasonably lucky.

One of my businesses is selling Mobility scooter batteries and wheelchair batteries online. When I started this website, then I also started a blog. I found it difficult just to write about mobility batteries as they are pretty boring really. Consequently,I began to get interested in other aspects of disabled peoples lives. Especially as they part of all our lives and can be seen in all the towns and cities as part of everyday life. As a result I think that many retired people including the disabled. So, do walk about and ride about and probably feel invisible.

Satisfying Retirement-Do w feel old any more?

Plus the fact that we are now the generation that does not feel old. By having your own small business you do not really retire. I found that answering the phone and giving out multiple prices was getting a bit more difficult. So, I decided to run the businesses web sites. With plenty of time on my hands then I have learned a multitude of new tasks. Of course to do with my websites. Including SEO (search engine optimization) trying to get my website to page number one on the search engines.

Whatever people have wrong with them then when we reach retirement age we are all suffering from something or another. Some of us may have lost a finger or a body-part from an accident. Of course if this happened to you then you are different to other people. Maybe you can not walk or move a certain part of your body, this can also be considered a physical disability. Any body-part that you do not have that prevents you from living the average life is considered a disability.

Mental disabilities can be claimed if you have trouble taking in the information of other people, you can not do daily activities by yourself, or if you can not communicate with other people. Sometimes mental disabilities are acquired at birth, but other times you can obtain a mental disability from a drastic accident like a car crash.

Satisfying Retirement hearing and sight are also disabilities

If you have a hard-time hearing people talk, as I do or you constantly are asking people to repeat what they have said, you obviously have a hearing disability. It does not matter if you only have partially bad hearing or fully bad hearing, you still qualify as having a disability. If you have a hearing aid, you are also considered to have a hearing disability.

All these things happen to us as we are getting older. Not many of us will escape this as we all get older.¬†Anything that makes daily activities difficult, whether it is physically or mentally difficult can be considered a disability. In my case, it is something as small as wearing glasses to not being able to walk very far or quickly. So I can relate to the saying of “feeling invisible”. My family say that they envy me because I am very often in my own little world.

I visit my “bricks and mortar business” once every week and leave the running to my excellent staff. Any business meetings are held at my home and I occasionally deliver batteries in one of my company vans. This week I will be delivering twelve large Trojan Solar Power batteries to an online customer in Hertfordshire. A full days drive there and back.

To finalise ,then I am not sure if retirement is the same as it once was. Millions of people now have time to do other things with more energy and brain power than ever. I am interested in Disability stories fro my battery blog.

Eric Roberts

Satisfying Retirement is the leading blog for practical retirement planning advice and lifestyle guidance.


A Satisfying Retirement: Do You Feel Invisible?

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