Abandoned Disabled Man-left on Colchester train as staff did not see him during journey to Clacton Air Show

Abandoned Disabled Man

Abandoned Disabled Man

Abandoned Disabled Man

This story about the disabled guy. Hence, who was abandoned on  train here in the UK. Reminds me of the many times that people have fallen asleep. Only to be woken up in a completely different place. Simply because they had not been awake at their correct station stop. As a result this has probably happened millions of times across the whole of the planet.

Of course, also including the disabled? I suppose that it does not matter what we are then we are all susceptible to sleeping on long train journeys. But I suppose the real difference was that this guy had asked to be put off at the right railway station. But the staff had obviously forgotten.

Not only people are left on the train. Commonest things are the passengers luggage and belongings? Because of this then The railway companies have a massive auction every year. Hence, to clear away the backlog of lost items left on our railway system. I am sure that this also includes wheel chairs and probably mobility batteries.

Abandoned Disabled Man

I am not sure how many wheel chairs were left with the man or woman still sat in them though?

I suppose that if you put yourself on that train. Of course, as the countryside whizzes past. Sometimes at more than 100 miles per hour. Then,the vibration of the speeding train lulls you into a deep sleep. No different, as the commutes you have done for years and years. So,by the time the train begins to slow to a stop. Naturally, you are mentally asleep. Forgetting where you are then you become a prisoner to your travel routine. Of course. forgetting what made this journey special.

Often ending up in some unknown railway station miles away from where you first intended to go.

Eric Roberts

Source: Disabled man left on Colchester train as staff did not see him during journey to Clacton Air Show (From Echo)

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Abandoned Disabled Man
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