AGM Batteries

AGM Batteries

34 Amp Lucas AGM Batteries

AGM Batteries

So most people who own a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair will be familiar with the AGM battery. Importantly, this type of battery has become the most popular application when fitted as original equipment. Therefore making the AGM battery a popular replacement battery when the new battery requires replacing.

In my opinion these batteries are very reliable and will give the owner of mobility scooters and electric wheelchair owners a good reliable long life. Scooter owners know about the importance of their machines. So, regular charging becomes a part of their lives! Knowing that these machines often extend and allow the distance and mobility that gives disabled and elderly people.

Scooter fitted with charger cut offs

So, most modern scooters are fitted with technical and reliable charging systems. Happily all the user has to do is plug the charging system in after the scooter has been used. Generally the charging system will cut out when the batteries are fully charged. However there are a few reasons when this can fail.

  1. Unlikely but it is possible for your charger to become broken or worn out. Causing the charger not turn off when the battery is fully charged.
  2. This applies to stand alone chargers but some people use chargers that are too big a capacity. Of course this can result in the battery having too much charge inserted. Sadly ending up with over heated and swollen damaged battery.
  3. Once again this applies to a stand alone charger! Some cheap and poor quality chargers may not deliver the correct charge and so allowing the battery to become overcharged and therefore damaged.

However these scenarios are mainly to do with stand alone chargers and not the built in chargers fitted to your mobility scooter or electric wheelchairs. Here is a few things that you should consider to give your AGM batteries a longer life. Another key point worth knowing is that the AGM battery may also be referred as SLA (sealed lead acid) or VRLA (valve regulated lead acid).

AGM batteries fit many other applications

Consequently, the AGM/SLA/VRLA batteries also fit many other applications! Including, different reference types and can be known as “deep cycle”, “general purpose”,  “higher rate” “tubular gel” and many others. Scooter owners should just stick to the exact replacement as the ones supplied on the original new scooter. Notably, some customers have bought second hand machines and are not sure what the batteries should be. So, in this case it is worth carrying out a little research to find out what the correct batteries should be!

A few other things worth knowing about AGM batteries. Firstly these batteries are sealed and can be fitted in any position. In deed they are fitted on their side when locating them in your scooter. Secondly, the deeper you discharge your scooters batteries then the less cycles they will perform. So once again regular charging is the sensible thing to do. Please dont leave the battery to become totally discharged. This will shorten the life of your batteries.

Time your journeys so that you know what state the batteries will be in on your return home. Regular charging and by keeping your batteries at say up to 30% will give the batteries as much as 1000 to 1400 cycles. Importantly, by letting your batteries discharge fully (100%) then the cycles will be reduced by 300 to 400 cycles.

AGM other applications

So, as I have stated earlier in this page then this battery type also fits other applications. That is to say, they will also fit such things as golf trolley and golf buggies, children’s toy cars, alarm systems, electric stair lifts, many lawn mowers and other garden equipment. Such batteries can be 6 volt 5 Ah, 12 volt 12 Ah and the popular 12 volt 7Ah battery.

In conclusion, it is possible for you to discharge your battery up to any rate you want. However, as I stated earlier you should remember that the deeper that your battery is discharged, so the less cycles your battery will supply you. Finally, millions of scooter and electric wheelchair users have many happy hours of use from these valuable machines. You will know when you battery is getting low because it will require more charging over shorter periods. Consequently, you should order your exact replacement batteries before your old batteries are completely dead.