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AGM vs GEL Mobility Scooter Batteries

So, if you’re not quite sure what the difference between AGM or GEL mobility scooter batteries is. Also you will need to know  which ones best suit you! Then you can find out here.

So, these types of comparisons are pretty common. Importantly, there is no doubt that the more information the better. Consequently, I will always include these articles into my blogs.

Recently, the AGM battery has become far more popular than the Gel scooter batteries.

So, the AGM battery is what it says on the tin!

AGM stands for “absorbed glass matting“. Naturally, this is a lead acid battery, but does not have free flowing liquid acid. Instead the battery is filled with a type of glass matting but which is absorbed by the batteries acid.

This gives the battery a different characteristic than the standard car battery. Simply put the battery has a far better charge and deep cycle rate. making this type of battery totally sealed and maintenance free. These batteries can be fitted in any position and thats simply it!

Gel batteries

Of course are also lead acid batteries. They still popular with some battery manufacturers. However more and more scooter manufacturers have turned to AGM batteries in recent years. Gel batteries have the same characteristics as AGM but are filled with a silicone substance making the acid turn to a Gel. Importantly though these batteries are also maintenance free and can be fitted in any position.

Both batteries are worth considering but the main difference is that the Gel battery is more expensive. Also the Gel battery requires a different charger because the battery is much more sensitive.

Finally there is great debate about which battery is the best and in the end the final decision is with the person wishing to purchase a new battery.

Of course, Agm scooter batteries are one of our best selling categories of batteries.

Source: AGM vs GEL Mobility Scooter Batteries – Complete Comparison