Battery Care-Maintenance Tips -A video demonstration by Eric The Car Guy

Battery Care-Maintenance Tips

Battery Care and Maintenance tips; Battery care was actually suggested by my good friend and forum moderator at Eric The Car, College man aka Paul Krawsek. I thought it was a great idea for a video so I ran with it.

The batteries in our vehicles are often overlooked until they don’t work. With a little time, some relatively inexpensive tools, and a basic knowledge of what to look for, you can keep your battery working for a very long time. You’ll also know if the battery isn’t on the way out before there is a failure. No on likes getting stranded and this is a good way to prevent that.

A car battery that is well maintained, will last for a great deal of time. Original car batteries, that come with your new car, often last the longest. Reason being is that all the other components of your car are brand new and so the battery has less work to do.

I hope the tips in this video are helpful and help you take care of your automotive batteries.

Battery Care-Maintenance Tips

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