Battery Driven All-terrain wheelchair-brings ‘total freedom’ to outdoors lover – Newfoundland & Labrador – CBC News

Battery Driven All-terrain wheelchair

Battery Driven All-terrain wheelchair

Battery Driven All-terrain wheelchair

Over the years as a tyre retailer, I have seen all kinds of tyres to give a good grip. The more rugged type were off road tyres. Well its the same with mobility scooters and wheelchairs. Unfortunately, wheelchair tyres are only small in size. Whatever treads you have on them will not have much impact on grip.

There are some plastic tyres used for riding on soft materials such as the beach or grassy areas. Beach wheelchairs can normally be rented at popular spots thought out the world I am sure that these are the ones that are popular in Benidorm and other Spanish Costas.

However the thing that I am more interested in is the battery operated wheelchairs for off-roading. Known as the all-terrain wheelchairs. The wheelchair that is being driven by  Joshua Batson in the image is one of these machines. The tracks are a step further on from tyres.

These vehicles are true all-terrain capable. Joshua is an outdoor type of guy and this vehicle gives him total freedom to travel within the limits of his batteries. So, he can travel on rough trails and even in the snow. In winter there is plenty of snow in Newfoundland where Joshua is from. Because the machine is track driven then there is no need to worry about puncture repairs. Especially when you are out and about and away from home.

A puncture could be disastrous to a wheelchair user when riding on rough terrain.

Whilst I am writing this blog, we are experiencing massive snow falls and freezing temperatures here in Yorkshire in the UK. This guy would be in his element driving his powerful new track driven wheelchair. What a machine!

Eric Roberts

An $18,000 fundraising effort, led by his sister, is helping to bring Joshua Batson more independence navigating through trails and snow.

Source: All-terrain wheelchair brings ‘total freedom’ to outdoors lover – Newfoundland & Labrador – CBC News

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Battery Driven All-terrain wheelchair
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