Battery storage systems- Big cities including London are looking for power storage solutions.

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Battery storage systems

Battery storage systems

According to Eric Roberts founder of batteriesontheweb, this is good news for the future of Los Angeles (LA). The power storage solution though is well overdue?

They are expected to have many blackouts shortly. The good news is that LA is not the only large city to try overcome supply problems. Countries are recognising that cheap solar energy and electricity that is produced by wind turbines is the way forward.

The only problem is to find a solution to store the energy that is generated during the day and then releasing it at night when the demand is high. Here in the UK, it is widely known that they are looking for storage solutions in and around the vast London area.


It is not rocket science that this is going to be a much cleaner and far cheaper alternative to building very expensive power stations. Other countries and cities, looking are said to be Chile, Hawaii and New York State.

The whole system has been opened up by a wealth of intelligent business people. Entrepreneurs, have spotted a niche in the market and opened up vast outlets where individuals and companies can afford to buy into the solar market.

Systems for battery storage

You only have to travel from my small town of Halifax to Leeds here in the UK. So here you can see the vast amount of houses and businesses who have fitted solar panels. These solar units can produce electricity for their consumption and to top up the National Grid system.

Also, like many other countries of the world, we have thousands of giant wind turbines springing up all over the countryside. We also have the largest off-shore windfarm in the world. The USA now have over a million homes with solar panels on the roofs. Many other countries such as Australia are not far behind.

The winners of the “Golden Ticket” will be the ones that come up with a new storage system. This will be to store this captured energy in some solar battery bank of gigantic proportions.

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