Dead battery on Electric Wheelchair-Firemen Come To The Rescue For Elderly Veteran Whose Electric Wheelchair Died.

Dead battery on Electric Wheelchair

Dead battery on Electric Wheelchair

Of course this is a common problem. So we only read about this when it hits the headlines ! Naturally, as in this case in the USA. Fortunately, the fire rescue team seen in the image were able to push the guy to safety.

However, as I have said many times in the past this is a problem that should and can be avoided. In my opinion good battery care is the answer ! So when people buy a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair then they should learn about its capabilities. Because most people will be elderly or disabled then surly this is doubly important.

We all know whats its like to run out of gas in our cars ! So at least we are able to walk to a garage or rescue telephone to get assistance. Disabled people who are extremely dependent on their wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Of course have no chance of doing this if there battery runs out of power from a dead battery. So, I also believe that most journeys should be planned !

Local shopping may be OK !

Other than nipping out to the local shop, then I think that users of these mobility vehicles should plan their journeys ahead. Importantly, you should notify the person or establishment that you intend to visit ! Then if you do not arrive then the alarm bells could sound ! Care of your batteries should also be important. Adventurous veterans will often shoot out without thinking or without a cars in the world. So, only to get caught out with a flat mobility scooter battery or indeed their electric wheelchair batteries.

I suppose there will be people who are meticulous at checking their equipment. Including the batteries and other who will shoot of at a whim ! Thats why people still run out of petrol in their cars !

Eric Roberts

Eric writes stories about anything that includes disability issues for his mobilitybatterystore blog.

“They pushed him about 7 blocks back to his house.”

Source: Burly Firemen Come To The Rescue For Elderly Veteran Whose Electric Wheelchair Died. | The Veterans Site Blog

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