Directional Drive Powerchair-World’s first all directional drive powerchair to be launched

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Directional Drive Powerchair

Directional Drive Powerchair

Years ago wheelchairs were commonly referred to as manual wheelchairs. Of course, with the advance in science and technology. Hence, wheelchairs have undergone a massive transformation. As a result, invention of the electric wheelchair is a milestone in the history of medical science. Therefore,it has made life simpler for people who are disabled. So, giving them the freedom to move around and work independently.

This new directional drive wheelchair is just another good of example. Thus of how we have moved on in recent times. Consequently, there has been a huge development in the technology. So, used for manufacturing electric wheelchair. Forwarding to today the power wheelchairs has been equipped with a number of advanced and unique features. Making it so popular and a boon to many disadvantaged people all over the world.

Directional Drive Powerchair- More about Electric Wheelchairs

Most wheelchairs are available in different varieties. Including sizes, features, colors and designs. Therefore,it is quite important to consider a few factors. Hence, before deciding to purchase your new power wheelchair. Weight is a good point to consider? is it going to be a task to carry it around. Of course you must check to see if folding and dismantling it is going to be easy.

Electric wheelchairs should also be considered. So as to whether or not they include proper accessories for comfort. Check that your own needs will be available on the new wheelchair. Consider your type of disability. Of course there are different types of wheelchairs to suit different peoples needs. Naturally the price is a major factor. I dont look at a Rolls Royce because I cant afford one?

Wheelchairs use mobility batteries to give the driving power. These batteries are AGM deep cycle lead acid batteries. As a result the battery drives the power through two means of drive systems. Including belt driven and gearbox driven. Subsequently, the electric wheelchair was first discovered by George Klein with a view to provide assistance to the war veterans.

Directional Drive Powerchair-Different Types of Battery Power Wheelchairs

The Battery driven electric wheelchair is available in different varieties. Hence, such as the mid wheel driven, the rear wheel driven and the front wheel driven power wheelchairs. The mid wheel driven power wheelchairs are suitable for smooth surfaces. Because,it has wheels that prevent skidding and slipping both in front and in the rear. As a result, it has superb turning capabilities.

Another type is the transportable power wheelchair. Therefore a good buy for those who travel a lot. Because,it is easy to assemble and dismantle this type of wheelchair. Being compact in size, it can be lifted in and out of vehicles easily.Suiting narrow halls and lifts. Consequently,the front wheel driven electric wheelchair is also used widely. Complete with its perfect turning capabilities.

Although, it is slightly slow compared to the rear wheel driven ones.

Many of the Battery operated  electric wheelchair include a number of additional features. Including,tilting, head reclining, feet reclining and so on. As a result also includes a separate facility to store oxygen pads. Also, tanks or cushions to provide extra comfort and much more. Different varieties of power wheelchair batteries are available in the online stores at great prices.

Directional Drive Powerchair as a result of great engineering work.

Subsequently, the  rear wheel driven wheelchair. These are the most widely and popularly used wheelchairs. Compared to the front wheel and the mid wheel driven power wheelchairs. Then, these wheelchairs are quicker and smoother. As a result, it is excellent for outdoor travel. More rugged versions are available for people wanting to be more adventitious. Hence, for fell climbing perhaps in the “Lake district“.

Years ago. Old style Wheelchairs could be manually operated and hand pushed. But with the advance in science and technology, wheelchairs have undergone a massive transformation.Including the first directional drive powerchair in this article.

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