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Disability Equality

Disability Equality

For one thing, I must admit that this was the first time that I had heard about this incentive. Also deep down I dont know what NHS are on about. What actually is equality ? I actually thought that we lived in a country that had a fair and understanding community spirit.

Certainly  the area of Yorkshire that I live in appear not to have any problems. That is to say, of course in this country then everybody has a fair chance. Hence, it is possible for any person whatever their colour religion or ability. So,  has the chance to better themselves in whatever field their particular skills are.

Disability Equality-Perhaps the NHS is different.

In my opinion it looks like  a back door experiment from the UK government. So, I fail to know any single person that does not agree that disabled people should have the same rights of access and travel as able bodied people. As for race and religion, well I think it is up to individuals to have their own opinion. Of course they have the right to think what they want but should keep their thoughts to themselves.

Heres a list of objectives from the NHS regarding equality from the NHS website.

  • Work at a faster pace towards the equality agenda
  • Inspire other BAME colleagues to progress into more senior roles
  • Participants bringing positive and productive changes to their teams, services and patients in areas such as increasing staff morale, improving patient experience and effective service redesign
  • More strategic working with greater collaboration across large and complex programmes, departments, services and systems of care, leading to less waste and more efficient use of resources
  • Building a powerful, regional and national support network of like-minded, influential leaders that the organisation can gain support from and test out innovative ideas
  • Increasing the number of inspiring and innovative leaders in the organisation’s talent pipeline for better succession planning
  • Demonstrate improved leadership practices thus having a greater positive impact on organisational culture and inclusive, patient centered care

Take a look at this article and form your own opinion. So, I am interested in disability stories for use on my blogs.

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