Disability Improvements-Campaign to improve conditions for disabled people

Disability Improvements

Disability Improvements

Disability Improvements

Zack Kerr, comes from the Lancashire town of Accrington here in the UK. Unfortunately, Zack suffers from quadriplegic cerebral palsy. As a result he is wheelchair bound and has started a campaign to improve the lives of people in a similar position to him.

One of Zacks main concerns is the lack of proper changing room facilities on our motorway service areas. For this reason he will have a meeting with his local Member of Parliament, Graham Jones. including the presence of Transport Minister, Paul Maynard on the 29th of November (this week).

Of course this fight for the rights of disabled people has been going for some time now.


The plights of disabled people touched the hearts and minds of  members of the parliament in the UK. This was widely supported by many pressure groups who lobbied their constituency members of parliament in the House of Commons. This received “A Royal” shield and the birth of the “NHS and Community Care Act (1990 ).

Disability Improvements-Things were different though?

Despite its accomplishments and achievements, disabled people were not seen as people with equal rights. Especially when compared to non-disabled people. In fact many disabled people were admitted to long stay hospitals. Without access to the outside world. Because of their suffering then life expectations were very short compared to able bodied people living in the outside world.

In fact a figure of 40 years life expectancy was determined by medical staff and care home figures. Things of course are now much better. Therefore disabled people are expected to live up to 65 years old. For this reason, disabled people can mix openly in the outside world due to improvements such as electric battery driven wheelchairs and personal carers.

Disability Improvements-1990 saw big improvements?

Thus, 1990 would be remembered by many people as a year of liberation for disabled people.This was the beginning of the liberation and normalization for the UK disabled community. Consequently there was a greater acceptance by the general public at large. I remember having to alter my garage reception for easier access for wheelchairs.

In fact disabled drivers could now have specially adapted vehicle and drive about the same as everybody can. Another benefit that rose was to be the training of medical staff and carers. Hence, to help them understand the challenges and difficulties of caring for adults and children with multiple difficulties.
Every day, we see people with disabilities such as autism and attention deficit. In fact one of my grandsons suffers from autism and so I know  at first hand how difficult things are to cope for their parents and carers. Love and understanding is now a part of things expected to cope with these types of disabilities.

Things have improved over the years of my lifetime. Zack knows that things can be improved. Which is great news from Accrington.

Eric Roberts

NEARLY 50,000 people have lent their support to a 22-year-old, suffering from quadriplegic cerebral palsy, who set up an online petition to improve conditions…

Source: Thousands support 21-year-old’s campaign to improve conditions for disabled people | This Is Lancashire

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