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Disability Travelling

Disability Travelling

Carrie Ann is a writer about most things for the aid of the disabled traveler. Hence, the magazine “Disability Horizons”. As the owner of an online mobility battery web sight. Then I think it is important to bring these excellent stories to my readers. Most disabled people have ambitions to travel to the same places that are afforded to any other person. Carrie-Ann is no exception.

As a result, she became frustrated at not been able to access some scenic but tougher terrain. Hence, the Lake District in the UK, became her target. She knew though that she would need a more flexible wheelchair. Wheelchair Guru Steve Evans Passes Away-Leaves an Inspiring Legacy | Hackaday Especially for those more restricted surfaces that the Lakes area produce. Therefore a more flexible wheelchair would be the answer. Because of the tough terrain she wanted the option of manual or a battery operated machine.

Her wheelchair would have to able to carried by car.

Thus without the use of a hoist. Carrie-Ann also wanted a chair that would be comfortable for her personnel posture and life style. Including, much travelling?

Fortunately, she had a chance meeting with a wheelchair designer. Consequently, all her ideas came into fruition and a new concept wheelchair was designed and made. Carrie-An said,

“As soon as I got it, I knew I needed to put it to the test as soon as possible. And where better to do so than the Lake District? So, a few weeks ago my husband Darren, dog Poppy and I had our first trip to Tarn Hows, a stunning, accessible walk near Coniston Water  in the Lake District.

It’s really popular with locals and tourists, particularly in the summer, and a fantastic place to go for a picnic. The mountain views are there for everyone to enjoy, regardless of age or ability, as the circular track is suitable for buggies and wheelchairs.”

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