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Disabled Dad Kite Flying Disabled Dad Kite Flying

Disabled Dad Kite Flying

So, although he covid 19 rules are different between the USA and the UK. Of course the principals are very similar. In my opinion most law abiding citizens did stick to the lockdown. Possibly in both countries, but I cant vouch for the USA! Disabled people and the elderly were more at risk of contracting this terrible covid virus. So, it was more important to stay indoors and perhaps have your shopping delivered. However not all disabled are in the old bracket. Including this guy in the States. Like thousands of others that were self isolating then “fresh air” is also very important. As a business owner selling batteries online then I was able to drive about myself. Observing many people driving about in their mobility scooters.

Important to get some fresh-air!

In my opinion the guy with his daughter flying a kite was just doing the right thing. Importantly spending some quality time with his little girl flying the kite and filling their lungs with clean fresh air. Happily, it is like going to the sea side for a day out and taking in your first breath of sea air. Totally refreshing and vitalizing. You can see the pleasure in the little girls face as they fly the kite in some secluded area. Incredibly, I was very impressed by the number of mainly elderly people both male and female who were out and about taking exercise by walking. So, I could tell that they were serious about the walking because of the clothing and footwear  that they were and still are wearing. Similar to the guy in the wheelchair. Importantly, please make sure that your batteries are in good condition before venturing out and about. Of course you can tell if your old batteries are wearing out! Simply because your scooter will not travel as far on your journeys. So, if you can only do a shorter journey please invest in some new batteries. It is not worth the embarrassment of getting stuck with flat batteries. Eric Roberts
Eric Roberts
Eric writes stories about anything that includes disability issues for his mobilitybatterystore blog.
We loaded up the family and our kites and headed across town. Source: Kite Flying During COVID-19 – Reeve Foundation
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