Disabled Man Wheelchair Into Disco-“tired of people staring at him” turns his electric wheelchair into a mobile disco

Disabled Man Wheelchair Into Disco

Disabled Man Wheelchair Into Disco

Disabled Man Wheelchair Into Disco

As an able bodied person, then I have all the respect in the world for people with different disabilities. Of course there are many different types of disability. Including, physical disabilities include eyesight, hearing, walking, or inability to move a part of the body.

As a result, if you can not hear out of one ear. Then you may be considered to have a hearing disability.

I have a partial disability of my right hand. When I was a firefighter I was involved in an explosion. Hence, resulting in bad burns. I have always been conscious about the appearance of my hands. But have never felt like the guy in this article. As a result, he was not happy about what he thought was other people staring at him.

You can get physical disability. Because you do not have what the average person has. Say, if  like myself you lost a finger or a body-part from an accident. Maybe you can not move a part or walk correctly? this can be considered a physical disability. Any body-part that you do not have. Preventing you from living the average life is considered a disability.

One type of disability that effect plenty of people today is Eyesight disability. My eyes are bad but nothing that a good pair of glasses cant cure. People who have slightly bad vision, can claim Eyesight disability. The older you get, the more likely you are to have Eyesight disability. I know because I am getting there, slowly but surely.

Disabled Man Wheelchair Into Disco -baby boom years

Because of the increase in the elderly, due to the “baby boom years”. Then the site of elderly citizens in wheelchairs,is a common site.Indeed, anything that impairs you from doing a daily activity is a disability and there are many different types of disability.

You do not have to be born with a disability, in fact, more people acquire disabilities later on in life rather than being born with a disability.

This is mainly due to crippling illnesses that affects many people. In my opinion the worse being many forms of arthritis.

Another problem for older people. Including myself, is struggling with a hard-time hearing people talk. As a result of this, I am constantly asking people to repeat what they have said. Including constantly hiring the TV volume. Then you may have a hearing disability. It does not matter if you only have partially bad hearing or fully bad hearing, you still qualify as having a disability.

Myself included and like the guy that this article is about I too get embarrassed when I cant hear what people say.

Disabled Man Wheelchair Into Disco-meeting Eileen?


I am sure that many disabled people. Especially in wheelchairs feel that they are being stared at at some time. In my opinion though,times have changed. Most able body people that I know are only too willing to help. I remember a time when I visited a disabled lady called Eileen.

Therefore at the time I was delivering a car battery to Eileen’s neighbour. When I first noticed Eileen she was trying to walk on her knees.

She had lost her legs in a motorcycle accident. Of course I asked her neighbour about Eileen. Consequently, the guy told me the story about the motorcycle accident. Then I asked him about way that she had to get around on her knees. For the reason that she had two dead batteries in her mobility scooter. Naturally, I felt choked with a limp in my throat?

The first thing I did was to find out which batteries Eileen needed for her scooter. They turned out to be 12 volt 34AH batteries. These are common batteries for this kind of scooter. I immediately returned in the same day with two brand new batteries. Free of charge to Eileen as a gift from me. Eileen shed a tear, and so did I?

Disabled Man Wheelchair Into Disco-Disabled people show resilience


I think in my case it was a reaction that would have been the same for most people. Most people admire the strength and resilience that disabled people show . Hence, going about their normal life. of course people do look at disabled people. Especially, in wheelchairs and zooming past us on Mobility scooters.

They are looked at with admiration and I am sorry that this young man in his wheelchair feels that he is stared at all the time.

Concluding, then most people that I know would only be too willing to help a disabled person. Whatever situation they may find themselves in. By the way Eileen sent me a wonderful Christmas card, thanking me for our kindness.

A man with cerebral palsy who was “tired of people staring” at him has transformed his electric wheelchair into a mobile disco. Lee Kingsberry now […]

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Disabled Man Wheelchair Into Disco
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