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Disabled Tourists

Disabled Tourists

Disabled Tourists

As a result, this article tells about how Israel have gone a step further. Hence, when it comes to looking after disabled tourists. Supported holiday providers. Ensuring that all their guests needs are therefore met. However, Israel have gone a leap forward by providing  some “free” medical equipment. Especially, to their disabled tourists.

Generally supported holidays are all inclusive. Meaning that all food, drink, excursions and travel will be included in the price. Most of all it is about helping the guest decide. hence, what they want to do on their holiday.Of course this helps them to get the best of their travelling experience. Therefore, holidays allow us to experience different cultures, food and places. And, many of us take the ability to have a holiday for granted.

Israel is of course an exceptional place that we would all like visit. Including elderly and disabled people. I have actually had the pleasure of visiting this great country. Although I am not a church goer I have lived my life as a good Christian. Therefore, I would recommend anyone to visit Israel including disabled people. Who are made very welcome.

Disabled Tourists get better legal protection

Unfortunately, for some sections of our community. So, taking a holiday is not so straight forward. Especially,for people with intellectual difficulties or a disability.Who are frail, a holiday can be much harder to realise. Subsequently, for these people there are a multitude of difficulties. Hence, to be overcome before they can truly experience a happy holiday.

This article is just one in a series about how disabilities do not stop holidays. Since many countries brought out new disability rights legislation. Then travelling and access to services have become much easier. As a result, we can all see special wheelchair ramps for better access into shops and other important amenities. Including, special toilets with many helpful accessories to aid mobility.

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Source: Israeli Charity Gives Free Medical Equipment to Disabled Tourists | The Tower

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Disabled Tourists
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