Electric Car Batteries-Will they become more popular and kill fossil fuels — it’s only matter of time

Electric Car Batteries

Electric Car Batteries

Electric Car Batteries

As we all probably know by now, an electric car is a vehicle which uses a huge battery to power itself. So, instead of internal combustion engines. Hence, that the more typical fossil fueled powered cars use. Of course at the moment electric cars need to be re-charged roughly ever 150-250 miles. Modern technology has enabled the electric cars to  be re-charged at home using special plugin points. Alternatively, or at electric-car charging stations which are being deployed across the country .

Whilst their popularity has varied over time, they have recently (since about the mid 1990s) started gaining in popularity again. In April 2009, the United Kingdom Government announced plans to provide a subsidy of up to ? 5,000 to people who buy hybrid or electric cars.

Electric cars need to be re-charged periodically, as mentioned above.


Re-charge times vary depending on the amount of power the socket provides. However a re-charge centre. Such as you may see on a motorway services. So, can re-charge an electric car battery in anything up to an hour (some batteries can be re-charged in much less time, however).

They don’t emit any carbon dioxide, which means that such cars are used favorably by environmentally-friendly consumers. Of course, electricity is currently primarily generated by burning fossil fuels, coal and oil. So, which releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The use of an electric car would indirectly release carbon dioxide. Although it goes without saying, that an electric car is better for the environment. Say than a standard gas driven car.

This article looks into the future.

I am not so sure myself. It has just been announced that a massive new oil reserve has been discovered. This new oil source in Bahrain has reserves of over 80 billion barrels of oil. This and many other oil discoveries will mean that fossil fuels will be around for a long time yet? Of course electric vehicles have been around for a long time? Just look at the battery driven mobility scooters riding about our towns and cities.

Eric Roberts

Batteries, once relegated to powering small devices like remote controls and watches, are now poised to energize the things most central to daily life.

Source: Electric Car: Batteries will kill fossil fuels — it’s only matter of time

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Electric Car Batteries
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