Electric Wheelchair Casualty- Man sent to hospital after being hit by car on his Wheelchair.

Electric Wheelchair Casualty

Electric Wheelchair Casualty

Electric Wheelchair Casualty

Unfortunately, this type of incident is not that common. However, I do think it is worth mentioning this type of thing. Hence, on my Mobility battery blog. Ownership of these vehicles is rising at a fantastic pace. Thus, from young to old and male or females. Lack of mobility is not a problem any more. As a result, it is incredible to see elderly and disabled people from every walk of life. Of course driving about on these electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters powered by a range of VRLA batteries.

Accordingly, I have just covered a story about using scooters to drive across rough terrain. How wonderful to see these courageous people with disabilities taking on the establishment and driving their mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs.

So, in my opinion them many disabled people are enjoying a new lease of life. Importantly, by using aids such as mobility scooters. Mobility scooters have become an incredible boost to people who would be normally be house bound. However it is still important not to overdo things. Of course, people will know what their capabilities are

So please abide by the rules of knowing what your own personal limits are. Please make sure that your scooter batteries are well charged and dont risk going out with low charged batteries. Know your vehicles range and do not over do it ?

Eric Roberts

Eric writes stories about anything that includes disability issues for his mobilitybatterystore blog.

Bay medical centre attended to the guys injuries.

Source: Man on electric wheelchair sent to hospital after being hit by car