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Electric Wheelchair Christmas Gift

Electric Wheelchair Christmas Gift

Ever since I have been writing mobility and disability stories. Then it never surprises me of the acts of kindness that comes along. Hence, to make some person with certain disabilities have a happier life. I am fortunate to be an able bodied person, but I cannot help to see the massive amount of kindness. Especially, when it comes to helping the less fortunate people amongst us.

We all try to do our bit to help. Recently I received an email from a single parent, whos son had learning difficulties. Sadly his wife had left him with the child and he had to give work. Living on benefits was proving very difficult. His son had special needs and required constant looking after.

The guy did tell me what the illness was called but it was one of those long words which I easily forget? However when Christmas came around the told me about a kind person that had given him a child,s electric battery operated car. In fact the car needed some work on it to make it look more respectable.

Electric Wheelchair Christmas Gift to boy with no batteries

Unfortunately, the only thing missing was the battery. Without a battery the guy could not test it to see if it worked at all. As Christmas was getting a little closer, he then began to panic. Because he was struggling for money he came up with a last resort idea. He asked a friend to send out some emails to battery companies. Just like the lady from Peebles in the attached article, he was finding things difficult.

Sure enough I received a copy of the email. I must admit, at first I did not think it as a true story. All that day though, my conscience began to prick me? So I returned the email and said that I would help with a gift and supply the two mobility scooter batteries that also fitted the child’s toy bike.

So, you can imagine the guy was over the moon to see his child playing on the toy car on Christmas day. The father did send me some images of his son playing and I felt really proud of myself.

In October we reported how Phoebe Boag had reached out to locals to raise funds for an electric wheelchair, having been housebound for two years.

Source: Peeblesshire News: Peebles gives Phoebe her perfect present | 02 January 2018 | ME Association