Electric Wheelchair Conversion- Students invent a low-cost electric wheelchair kit

Electric Wheelchair Conversion

Electric Wheelchair Conversion
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Electric Wheelchair Conversion

Of course ,there are several kinds of wheelchairs available on the market. Some of the features to consider when buying a wheelchair. So, are the weight and size of the person using it. Whether or not it will be convenient for both outdoor and indoor uses.

There are many debilitating things that can happen to a person. Hence to warrant them to have to use a wheelchair.

Some people can be required to use a wheelchair because of old age and illnesses. There are basically three types of electric wheelchairs. Including rear, front and mid-wheel drive vehicles. Another option is hand driven or driven by mobility scooter batteries.

This is where the story begins? teams of students in Israel have been competing for some years to produce scientific achievements including robotics. The team competition founder  “Dean Kamen“, says their aim is to-

“To transform our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated and where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders.”

For this reason a team of students came with an affordable way to convert hand pushed wheelchairs into wheelchairs propelled electronically. Also known as electric wheelchairs.

Electric Wheelchair Conversion

A wheelchair is basically a chair mounted on wheels. Of course, which can be propelled either manually or electrically.

Various options are available for almost every part of an electric wheelchair. The wheelchair frame can be rigid or fold-able while the wheels can be front-wheel or rear wheel.

Electric wheelchairs are  designed to the users’ requirements. Advanced technologies like laser printers are helping make drive motors. Along with mobility scooter batteries. Converted from hand driven to battery driven vehicle.

Other wheelchair modifications have been successful in recent years. Including Pneumatic tyres and many suspension modifications to make the wheelchair riding much more comfortable for the user.

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