Electric Wheelchair Rear View Camera-Battery driven Giving All Round Visibility to Wheelchair users

Electric Wheelchair Rear View Camera

Electric Wheelchair Rear View Camera
Wheelchair user checking their rear view camera.

Electric Wheelchair Rear View Camera

So whatever you are driving whether it is a 40 ton truck down to a humble mobility scooter or wheelchair. Then a rear view camera is becoming a must.

For driving safely on the road or the walkway. Then it’s very essential for the driver to have full knowledge about the variables existing around their driving environment. A better awareness about the surroundings will certainly translate into a safer driving experience.

However, for some undescribable reason. Most vehicle owners hardly care about what’s happening in the environment behind their vehicle. I must confess though that many vehicle are now fitted with reversing aids. Especially, on cars and vans. I suppose that scooters and wheelchairs can turn in a very tight circle.

However , I am still sure that there are many disabled people who would like to know about their surroundings and who is at the back of them?

Rear View Camera now developed for scooter and wheelchair use

The advent of the mobility scooter batteries and wheelchair batteries has opened up a new world for wheelchair users. As a result there are many new electrical gadgets that can be attached. Giving even the most severely disabled people a better life with more freedom. Including this rear view camera.

In simple words, a camera mounted on the backside of the wheelchair. So, that captures the live footage behind it is a rear view camera. With its wide field of view. So, then  offers a more precise and accurate view . Hence, of what’s happening behind the vehicle. Thus, without the driver needing to turn their head. Because, this has been one of the past problems for wheelchair users, just turning their heads.

Especially people with spinal problems due to injuries or illness. So having a camera mounted ensures that the driver can easily visually register all the happenings behind the vehicle from just their single screen. Because of there size then regular mirrors have never been an option. However I feel that these mounted cameras will be a success and something that we will see more often on wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Eric Roberts


Rear View Camera for an Electric Wheelchair: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

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Electric Wheelchair Rear View Camera
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