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Electric Wheelchairs Development

Electric Wheelchairs Development

Of course in the early days of wheelchairs disabled injured and the elderly people had to be pushed along by an able bodied person. This was a mostly limited experience. People were pushed along mainly in their local area. Freedom and distance were two words that were not in a disabled persons vocabulary.

Consequently, along came the first battery driven electric motor wheelchair. This opened up a new world to many wheelchair users. As a result of this marvelous improvement wheelchair bound users found a new freedom without exerting all their energy. Also as the years went on then batteries became more powerful. AGM battery technology was a boost to these machines.

Battery driven mobility scooters were also becoming a popular choice to electric wheelchairs. This benefited the more healthy person. Because really seriously disabled people still rely on the wheelchairs to get about on mainly due to the severity of their particular disability.

However due to further advances in technology then electric wheelchairs became more sophisticated. Users could have all sorts of aids as part of their wheelchair setup. The perfect example is the chair used by the late professor Steven Hawkins. Powerful AGM batteries are able to power all these attachments making wheelchair use for the most severely disabled people possible.

Modern wheelchairs have also become more comfortable to  sit in. With padded arm rests and seating then the wheelchair users can enjoy a more relaxing and comfortable ride as they go about their daily business. As I have said earlier the more active of people with disabilities and elderly people have chosen the battery driven mobility scooter as their favorite form of transport. Like the wheelchairs there are hundreds of brands and models to choose from. It is a great site to see these people who would normally be restricted to their homes, getting about like the rest of us?

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