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Flying With Power Wheelchairs

Flying With Power Wheelchairs

Although the attached article is about wheelchair care when flying. So, I thought to add a bit more advice to pass on when flying. Of course this is not from personnel experience, but what I have learned through reading about the subject.

It is important that when you are choosing an airline for wheelchair your flight. Of course, look at the seating available.

Of course things have improved for people with disabilities in recent years. Especially in the field of travel. As a result we have got over  obstacles to problems facing people in a wheelchair. Thus,  making life easier and more enjoyable for wheelchair users.

Going on a  flight with a wheelchair is possible on all of the major airlines. So, when booking a flight make sure you let the booking agent know you are travelling with your wheelchair. You can then ask the airline any questions about the boarding procedure for your wheelchair flight.

I am not sure but I would say that an electric wheelchair which is driven by mobility scooter batteries. Would have to go in to the planes hold. Similar to the wheelchair in the image? Some airlines accept folding wheelchairs into the cabin were it will be stored until the end of the flight.

Flying With Power Wheelchairs-Check with the airlines about the safety of your batteries?

The majority though, will go into the planes hold. Because of this it concerns me about a couple of things. Most electric wheelchairs are battery operated and usually work off two 12 volt batteries giving off 24 volts. Although these batteries are made of tough materials, they do break.

Most batteries are of AGM lead acid technology. More modern wheelchairs may now be fitted with what could be classed as a dangerous cargo Lithium-Ion batteries. These batteries are lighter in weight but I am sure that they are not accepted on airlines. Consequently, they have caught fire in the past and are considered a risk.

I am sure that millions of disabled people have traveled by air without suffering any problems. However it may be worth

checking the construction of your batteries and whether or not they are allowed to travel by air ?

Taking your first airline trip is an adventure. It is the quickest way to travel long distances. Planning ahead can make your wheelchair flight enjoyable.

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