Gabriel Jesus Shopping using Mobility Scooter-Manchester City ace recovers from injury

Gabriel Jesus Shopping using Mobility Scooter

Gabriel Jesus Sopping using Mobility Scooter

Gabriel Jesus Sopping using Mobility Scooter

This is a great story ? to me this image says lots of things. About the player and also just how valuable these battery mobility scooters just really are. Gabriel is obviously a down to earth sort of guy. He feels that there is no stigma attached to riding about the shopping centre. Hence, riding about on a mobility scooter.

It is clear to see his injured right leg. So hobbling around on crutches would not have been an option. Injured legs need  lots of TLC including rest. Gabriel would have been told that the shopping centre do hire out the mobility scooters. So, I have seen other players from the Manchester clubs using these scooters.

It is a far cry from years ago when there was a stigma attached to using wheelchairs. people did not want to be seen in them. Consequently, along came the mobility scooters that we know today. These little battery operated machines, brought a new lease of life to disabled and elderly people.

They are now used in every country. Bringing freedom to their users. Including Gabriel Jesus from Manchester City. I am sure that images like this are a great booster all users of scooters and wheelchairs. Especially Manchester City fans who regularly attend the City matches in their special part of the ground.

Eric Roberts

The bad news for Manchester City fans is that it looks like Gabriel Jesus will be out of action for some time after suffering a medial ligament injury in December.The good news is that it’s afforded the Brazilian striker ample chance to revisit one of his favourite pastimes: zooming around his local shopping mall on a mobility scooter. De role na quebrada

Source: – Football News: Gabriel Jesus on mobility scooter as Man City ace recovers from injury

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