Holland-Liability Insurance Not Required-Good News! No liability insurance needed up to 25 km/h

Holland-Liability Insurance Not Required

Holland-Liability Insurance Not Required

Of course, when I first saw this article, I thought it was about the UK. Fortunately, when reading on,then I discovered that it was about the Netherlands. Interestingly enough, the Dutch authorities have been carrying out a safety investigation into mobility scooter safety. So, in Holland there are about 250,000 mobility vehicles. Including thousands that they dont know about.

Conclusive testing has showed that there is a need for better standards of braking and stability on three wheeler vehicle. Accidents in Holland have increased dramatically in recent years. So in 2010 there were 19 deaths due to mobility vehicle being involved in road related accidents. Drastically increasing to 41 deaths in 2015.

Better braking and training advised

Although it was recommended that there would be no need for these types of vehicles to carry any insurance. Then it was increasingly concerned about the need for some kind of training followed by a test. Concerning to me ,is that we here in the UK usually follow on with ideas coming out of the rest of Europe.

So a Dutch safety research institute (SWOV) have been looking into the cause of some of these accidents. Chiefly into the braking systems. As we know most mobility vehicle rely on their mobility batteries to accelerate and stop their scooters. Recommendations, include the fitting of better independent braking systems to be fitted.

So, also in the report it criticizes the three wheel steering systems. Saying that some kind of “steering angle protection” should be included in the design. However these are only looking into these things and are not yet set in stone ! but watch this space.

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Electric bicycles, electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters and other individual transport means with a maximum speed of 25 km/h will be exempted from the legal liability insurance for motor vehicles, has announced Minister for Consumer Affairs, Kris Peeters (CD&V). […]

Source: No liability insurance needed up to 25 km/h – newmobility.news

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