Improving disabled peoples lives-Makeathon to create new technology in 72 hours | Swinburne news

Improving disabled peoples lives

Improving disabled peoples lives

Improving disabled peoples lives

There is no doubt that in recent times then the life of the disabled person has improved. Of course one of the improvements has come from technology. Because of these steps forward then we have moved onto wheelchairs and mobility scooters which are efficient battery driven machines.

Consequently, because of the success of these electric wheelchairs. So, other battery operated “bolt-ons” can be fitted to aid the wheelchair users in their everyday lives. The guy in the image suffers from “Cerebral Palsy” and has subsequently, been wheelchair bound for most of his life.

As a result battery driven wheelchairs can now be equipped with computers and voice recognition technologies to aid the user in their every day lives.

Fortunately, many of these innovations have come out of government funding. So, one such group is in the Australia. This is known as the “Helping Hands program“. Which is one program created by the government in order to help people who are in need. Especially those who are physically, mentally and emotionally disabled.

Improving disabled peoples lives

There are many programs aside from Helping Hands. Of course, which also focus on helping with people having disabilities. However, Helping Hand program, is one of the most effective programs. Helping these people especially when it comes to their housing services. Another group helping the disabled are the “Swinburne Innovation Precinct”  again in Australia.

Volunteers team up to find solutions for Australians living with disabilities. TOM is a global movement that connects disabled people seeking help to overcome a specific challenge to a team of makers, who spend three days developing a prototype’d solution.

Professor Sally McArthur says the ‘magic of the Makeathon’ is that solutions developed at Swinburne could improve the lives of thousands of people around the world.

Source: Makeathon to create new technology in 72 hours | Swinburne news

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Improving disabled peoples lives
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