Irish Taxi Electrification-My-taxi announces €15,000 in electric vehicle and accessibility incentives for drivers

Irish Taxi Electrification

Irish Taxi Electrification
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Irish Taxi Electrification

This article ties up with the electrification of the Irish taxi fleet and grants from the EU. Including grants for enabling easy access for disabled people into the taxis. Although not perfect I do believe that things are improving regarding the availability of easy access on all forms of public transport.

Indeed over the years I have covered other similar stories regarding this very subject? however it does seam a shame to me that the European Union have always to throw money at these things. Taxis with disabled facilities should just be part of the scene.

Especially on larger public transport facilities such as buses, trains and trams. The new Irish incentive is offered by the National Transport Authority’s (NTA) Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) Grant Scheme for 2018. So, My-Taxi do offer a good service to disability users. According to them they now have 54%  of their entire fleet fitted out for disabled access. In my opinion this is moving in the right direction.

Access to buses and trans not so good

As I have said earlier, then buses and trains are not so good at providing disabled people with a good experience. Planning ahead is the only way for them to travel. In the past I have covered this story including easier railway access from the new Scot-rail trains. Of course buses can also be a problem? this was highlighted by a story I did about bus travel in Leeds, Yorkshire UK. As a result a disabled passenger took the bus company to court following an altercation with a non disabled passenger taking up the disabled space on the bus.

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Mytaxi is offering its drivers major incentives to create a cleaner and more accessible fleet of vehicles.

Source: Mytaxi announces €15,000 in electric vehicle and accessibility incentives for drivers

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