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Keep Spare Charged Battery

Keep Spare Charged Battery

Keep Spare Charged Battery

Of course this attached article is all about emergency procedures that may occur in the USA. We all know the consequences of the severe weather that Northern America can be affected by. Including, hurricanes and severe snow falls, with snow that can bury your home?

Here in the UK we fortunately do not suffer anything near the severity of the storms that affect the States. This is what this plan of action is about ! to cope with any future disaster that may hit them.

I believe that this new response procedure has been set up to include any disabled people that are in any affected area.

Disabled people will be cared for in any disaster

The idea of this is to make sure the needs of people with disabilities are met in any future disasters. Expressly, areas that should be covered will be organised by the carers, health professionals. Including, the emergency res-ponders, (nurses and doctors and ambulance crews). Of course, the members of the public that have the disabilities.

So it will be up to the carers and relations to inform their loved ones about any shelters for emergencies in their particular area. Hurricane “Sandy” left many vulnerable disabled people trapped and stranded in their homes. Indeed I covered a story about this very thing.

Moreover, this emergency programme has been instigated by the CDC. This link also includes some interesting stories concerning disability and disabled people.

Know where your nearest shelter is located.

Importantly, here is an extract from the article-

“Every shelter is required to accept service animals, but make sure to find out which shelters offer sign language interpreters or the specific assistance that you require.

Evacuation and emergency transportation. It is important to plan for transportation that people with mobility limitations can use in an emergency or to identify family members, colleagues or friends who can assist people with disabilities who may have difficulty evacuating.

Communication and notification. People with disabilities need to be able to access and understand information in an emergency. Provide access to visual notification systems such as fire alarms with flashing lights for those with hearing loss that need to be notified about impending disasters”.

Keep Spare Charged Battery

Of course, in addition it is recommended that people have a spare mobility scooter battery for their particular mobility scooter or electric wheelchair. Consequently, I have always thought this a good practice for all disabled users of these vehicles. Naturally, just in case ? of course, you never know? So, although I realise that they can be expensive to some people but in an emergency they could be life saving.

Eric Roberts

Eric writes stories about anything that includes disability issues for his mobilitybatterystore blog.


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Keep Spare Charged Battery
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