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Keep your Scooter batteries charged up-34 Amp Lucas

Charging Powerchair-Mobility Scooter Batteries

So in my opinion this will be a very important time for wheelchair and scooter users. Like myself there will be many users of mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs over the age of 70! According to recent government guidelines we all have to “self isolate” to protect ourselves. Of course this is like a “red flag to a bull” to many of older people.

So, I am fortunate enough to not have to use a mobility scooter! However,  there are millions of us older people who do have to use one to get about and visit relatives and do their shopping. Some people will stick to the rules! But I suspect that like myself there will be many who wont.

Customers stood their ground

So, apart from working on my 4 blogs I also do some of the online deliveries. This is great as I love the driving and normally meeting our customers. However just of late then I have noticed a slight change. Take this Monday for instance! I delivered 2 sets of mobility scooter batteries in the Hull area of my beloved Yorkshire. Firstly there were 2 x 22 Amp Lucas  AGM batteries to a nice bungalow on the outskirts of Hull.

On arrival I reversed down the drive and opened the back of my van. I was greeted with a knock on the window. My customer was an elderly gentleman perhaps in his eighties. So, he shouted for me to leave the batteries on a bench close to his garage. Happily I carried out his instructions and did as he asked. The guy thanked me through the window and off I went onto the North of Hull for my second delivery.

My second delivery were for 2 x 34 Amp Lucas mobility scooter batteries. So, on arrival the property had a long drive leading up the actual house. The lawn was huge and had donkey grazing on the large front lawn! Most unusual I thought?

So, I proceeded to open the gate and reversed the van up the drive. As I opened my van door I heard a shout from a short distance away. It became obvious that the customer was staying away from me! Then the penny dropped these people were keeping away from me because of the threat of contracting the corvid 19 virus.

At first it came as a shock but later I realised that this was the right thing to do. Anyhow I have completely gone off the main subject!

Charging your wheelchair and mobility scooter batteries.

So, if your do take the governments advice and stay indoors, then do not forget to charge the 34 Amp Lucas batteries. We are still in the winter period and these batteries should be on constant charge. Spring is one of our busy times! because customers get their scooters out for the first time only to find that the battery has been neglected and needs replacing.