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Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement

So, I am sitting here on a red hot sunny Yorkshire day reflecting on my recent “Knee Replacement ” procedure. I am now threes days into my recovery period and am starting to get about on my hospital crutches. Unceremoniously, then I have now been put into a short term position of many of my readers. Of course, thats because of my mobility issues.

My dear wife Michelle is doing the honours of looking after meat our home in Mirfield ,West Yorkshire and is doing a great job as usual. So, I now know about the difficulties of getting about, even just getting about the house. Fortunately, we live in a bungalow so things are easier than say a two story house.

My procedure was carried out at the Spire Hospital in Elland. Apart from all the covid rules and restrictions then the hospital came up to their usual great standards and I was welcomed into my single room suite.

In some respects then batteries are nothing to do with this particular post. However the disability part of the article does fit into the posts niche of disability issues no matter how great or small. Including my own recent experiences.

battery buying customers far more serious

I do realise that I am somewhat a bit of a phoney as many of my customers have very serious long term issues. Requiring the use of  wheelchairs and mobility scooters just to get about with their normal lives. I can only hope and pray that I live a long time with relatively good health. My knee operations are just due to the wear and tear of my knee joints and associated cartilage. Modern surgery can now help with and so I decide to go for it. My bad knees were already giving me much pain wherever I walked.

This affected my walking ability and I soon put weight on making my disability a “double edged sword” effect. I loved to walk! Especially on the beautiful river and canal walks that we are blessed with in this area of West Yorkshire.

So I am now looking forward to a good recovery, loosing weight and going walking again. Also one of my sons is marrying a Spanish lady nest year in Granada, Spain and I intend to look and feel my best.

Update 02/09/2021 Knee slowly getting better and feels more solid! Still another one to go though? Dont know whether I am looking forward to the second one or not >