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Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 48 years, shows how new lithium batteries work in vehicles. They aren’t just for computers and cell phones these days.

Lithium-Ion Phosphate batteries

New technology batteries, such as Lithium-Ion and other similar products, are becoming more popular. These batteries certainly have better statistics than lead acid batteries. There are all sorts of claims and counterclaims coming out of the new technology battery world.

The smaller versions are now fitted into cordless vacuum cleaners and many different types of mobile devices. The Li-Ion cells and batteries have a higher capacity and can deliver higher power than their lead acid counterparts.

The one demonstrated in the video is a L-Ion Ph battery. Lithium batteries are manufactured to replicate their lead-acid counterparts. The Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries certainly have a long life.

The average L-Ion Ph batteries could be capable of delivering 2000 charge and discharge cycles. That’s in a laboratory situation. When in service the battery completes about half these cycles, about 1000.

Another advantage is the fact that the Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are much lighter in weight. Another advantage is that running the battery completely down (i.e. leaving the parking light on for a week) will not damage the battery at all.

Now in competition with their lead acid counterparts

As shown in this video these batteries are only suitable for jet skis snowmobiles and motorcycles. They do not require any topping up or maintenance during the winter season when the bikes are not in use.

The only advantage I can see for the AGM battery and the Gel battery is the PRICE. You can buy five of the AGM type to one of the Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.

People are always Looking for “cheap batteries in Halifax”. Here in Halifax at Pellon Autocentre we have only sold six Lithium-Ion batteries in a year compared with 15000 lead acid batteries, and it is all to do with the price.