Mobility batteries Online-Introducing the Self-Driving Wheelchair – Is it a Thing of the Future

Mobility batteries Online

Mobility batteries Online

Mobility batteries Online

This idea follows on from the idea of the driverless car. However, I can see a more practical experience for extremely disadvantaged wheelchair users. As a result, then the idea was to equip ordinary battery driven wheelchairs . Hence, with censors that can guide the users by using a speech interface that accepts commands . As a result, the wheelchair will be able to find its own way about by using a wireless device . Special software to give the wheelchair a motor-control that will affect the wheels motion.

Indeed the clever part of this invention, is that the computers can learn the layout of the local area . For example in a care home, rehabilitation centre even the hospital. This will be carried out by using a voice spoken guided tour given by the wheelchair user or their carer. As a result, this gives the user can navigate to any of the locations that were previously used by the another user. Consequently, you could tell the wheelchair to go to say”ward 12″.

This technology will be very useful for people with a voice who may have a loss of limbs or a brain injury. The vehicle will be fitted with sensors that enable the operator. Hence, to use joystick controls without fear of  any collisions into walls or furniture . Unlike the self driving car, then I believe that these voice commanded wheelchairs will be very useful to millions of users. These vehicles will not crash into things including other wheelchairs.

Mobility batteries Online

Naturally, my interest is in mobility scooter batteries. Of course, these machines are driven with the use of batteries. Because of this I like to give my blog readers interesting stories that would be of interest.

Eric Roberts

 We envision that a voice-command able wheelchair could improve the quality of life and safety of tens of thousands of users. Moreover, considerable health improvements and cost savings could accrue through the reduction or elimination of collision-induced injuries such as wounds and broken limbs.

It looks like self-driving cars have started a trend. Thanks to forward thinking MIT students, the same technology that helps cars drive by themselves is soon coming to wheelchairs.

Source: Introducing the Self-Driving Wheelchair – BlackWebPro

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