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mobility batteries will be delivered

mobility batteries will be delivered

I often wonder about the older persons willingness to buy goods online. Of course I say this because I am no “spring chicken” myself. My confidence in online shopping has however increased in the past ten years. Importantly, companies have become very adept in the way that they now package things to send out to us.

As an internet seller ourselves then we here at have vastly improved our battery packing methods. Consequently we now get far fewer courier derived problems between our packing station and our customers. Older people are the likely ones who drive mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs.

So, this advice is primarily aimed at them. Of course to build up their confidence when buying mobility batteries online. Including the fact that we are only a phone call away for free advice that these scooter drivers may require.

Common question is about battery size!

So, apart from the question of “when will my battery arrive if I order it today” one of the most asked is about battery capacity and size match. Most people who drive the mobility scooters try to upgrade their batteries, some some reason or the other! When asked why the person often says that his scooter will go faster or on a longer journey.

Mobility scooters are powered by an electric motor drive by usually 2 x VRLA batteries. So, depending on the scooter. Then size and weight will determine the size of the electric motor and finally the correct battery size to drive this motor.

The appropriate size batteries are selected and incorporated into the scooters tight metrics. Space enables for more driver comfort and more leg room for the scooter user.

Therefore an exact replacement size is important. Unfortunately, larger batteries will not fit into the tight parameters. There is a slight twist to this! Some battery manufacturers make batteries have a slightly bigger Amps for the same size casing. So, in other words you could get a slightly larger battery that will fit in the same space on your scooter.

75ah VRLA battery is a good example!

So one example is the large 75Ah mobility battery. These are very much used on the larger more powerful scooters. If you are willing to pay the extra price then you can get an upgrade to 85Ah and also 100Ah batteries with the same casing size. However I must reiterate that they do cast more. You must consider if the extra cost for a few more Amps will be worth it!

In some cases I think it would be worth an upgrade. Perhaps it would help mobility scooter users in a hilly district. Hence, more power would help get up the hills faster or even not use as much power therefore saving the battery use.

Other differences are in the batteries made by different companies. So, a good example of this would be the 34AH Lucas battery. This battery is a great seller for us. However other brands have added the odd Amp for some reason! I suspect as a selling gimmick. Therefore the same size battery (physical) made by Powersonic is listed as a 35Ah VRLA battery. Some will go up to 36Ah!

However, I am not so sure what the difference would be with a couple of Amps difference. In my opinion the overall package is the desirable thing. Including the price. You could end up paying a few pounds extra for a different brand just for a non accountable 1 Ah difference.

Finally I can assure our internet customers can rely on such information given to them over the phone to us or on an email. Thus giving more confidence with our company when buying your mobility scooter batteries online. So, mobility batteries will be delivered correctly and with a few days.