Mobility Battery Users-A look at how fast you may be able to drive your Scooter.

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Mobility Battery Users

Mobility Battery Users

Believe it or not there are rules that govern the use of wheel chairs and mobility scooters. Hence, on our footpaths and roads. Consequently, I have looked at this. Because, of the massive increase in the use of such vehicles. Thus, in present day use. Some of the rules are as follows. For foot-ways and pavements then the scooters and wheelchairs come under the Class 2 banner.

For this reason, then the maximum speed should be 4 MPH. Using a vehicle with a maximum unladen weight of 113.4 Kg.

Consequently, other safety features, should include an effective braking system combined with good lights and reflectors.

Prime-rely for driving your vehicle at night or in bad light. Because we are mobility battery suppliers. Hence, I feel it important to bring such information to the public eye. Simultaneously, This is also good knowledge to learn for my own information. Therefore, one of my customers was asking if higher amp batteries would make his scooter go any faster.

He had noticed that his new machine went faster than his old one? He thought it could be the batteries. As a result, I shrugged my shoulders and admitted that I did not know? However, I do know that some scooters will go faster than other. Although they are the same class 2 scooters.
So you may be breaking the law. Hence, by going at more that 4 MPH? Of course, there are no ways of checking this, unless the authorities decide to put up some sort of speed cameras for wheelchairs?

Mobility battery users-class 3 scooters.

The class 3 scooters are the larger ones that we see driving about our roads. Again, there are certain restrictions that apply? These include a maximum unladen weight of 150 Kg. Also a maximum width of 0.85 meters. Furthermore, the same speed limit of 4 MPH and brake and lighting still apply. Because of there ability to drive on the road, with mixed traffic.

Then they should also be fitted with indicators, hazard warning lights, a rear view mirror. Including an audible warning instrument and an amber flashing light to be used on a duel carriageway. I presume that this is to warn about a slow running vehicle. Such as used on a tractor or JCB?
One thing to watch out for.

Is that some class 3 scooters are advertised at a speed of 6 MPH. But as I have said the speed limit is 4 MPH. Because of this then you would technically breaking the speed limit.
However, it does sound a bit complicated so I had a look at the and to seek any help to be passed on to my readers.