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Mobility Scooter Alcohol Drinkers

Mobility Scooter Alcohol Drinkers

I have done a little bit of research into this. The alcohol problem? I say problem because it effects us all. Even people who drive about in electric wheelchairs and mobility scooter. Because of bigger and better capacity mobility scooter batteries. Then scooters are able to go further. Including to the local pub?

Recently, I have noticed that wheelchair users are now frequenting pubs more often. Nothing wrong with that but I wonder if the users know that it is against the law. So, to drive these vehicles whilst over the legal limit. Of course, unless the scooters were all swerving about then you not be suspected of drinking.

Neither do I think that the police will be setting up road blocks to catch out the naughty scooter users who have had “one over the top” The scooter on the image had wondered onto a Scottish motorway. Nothing wrong with that? However I do think that he may have been a suspect for the dreaded drink? Driving under the influence of alcohol results in complete disregard for your own own safety. Whatever vehicle you are driving in.

People who drive mobility scooters under the influence of drink do not think about the well-being and safety of others. It has been found that driving while impaired can lead to loss of good judgment. Including other traffic violations and many other very risky and dangerous driving offenses.

Drunk driving accidents can occur to any person no matter the age but it does seem to happen mostly to younger people. Who understandably love to party.  Often times forget that driving under the influence of alcohol is no laughing matter. Consequences often lead to deadly loss of life. Of course, we are now hearing about a lot more accidents involving mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs.

In the long run though I am sure that as adults we are all being more responsible as far as drink driving is concerned. Especially so with our scooter and wheelchair friends.

Christine Bey, 43, spat in the face of an Edinburgh police officer who stopped her.

Source: Drunk woman drove mobility scooter into oncoming traffic