Mobility Scooter batteries Flat-WATCH: Kind man pushes woman-her electric wheelchair runs out of batteries

Mobility Scooter batteries Flat

Mobility Scooter batteries Flat

Wow this is what I am always harping on about ?travelling in you mobility scooter with partially charged batteries. So, it happens many times. In fact last winter in New York one lady was stranded in a snow storm. Luckily she was rescued by a near by hair dresser who saw her through  her salon window.

Of course, there are still some people about that are willing to help. Naturally I would like to think of one myself ? a good Samaritan ! I am a sucker for giving beggars and buskers money for food. My wife goes mad with me ! but I dont care. Any this is a good and heart felt gesture from the guy who pushed the lady home.

Eric Roberts

Eric writes stories about anything that includes disability issues for his mobilitybatterystore blog.

One man’s good deed is inspiring people across the country and around the world.

Source: WATCH: Kind man pushes woman home after her electric wheelchair runs out of batteries

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