Mobility Scooter batteries Life-How to Extend the Life of Your Power Wheelchair Battery

Mobility Scooter batteries Life

Mobility Scooter batteries Life
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Mobility Scooter batteries Life

Many mobility scooter drivers do not realise how driving patterns and your location affects you mobility scooter batteries life?

Therefore to get the best out of your battery. Then you should dive at a steady pace. Of course, the more you stop and start them the more power it takes to drive the vehicle.

If you think about it .Then it is no different to a normal petrol driven vehicle. Constant stopping and starting in towns ,uses more fuel. So, it is the same with a battery.

Another very important thing to remember is your tyre pressures? yes, it is very important to keep your tyres inflated to the correct pressures. once again a similar analogy is the petrol driven car. Tyres pressures are important to maintain the correct fuel consumption. Therefore, if you are driving with low tyre pressure, then the car engine has to work harder to drive the car along.

Mobility Scooter batteries Life-Check your tyre pressures?

Consequently, the car uses more fuel? this is exactly the same comparison with your scooter or wheelchair tyres. Hence, if the scooter has under inflated tyres then the battery works much harder to power you and your scooter along.

Another important fact is the age of your battery. Especially if you buy a second hand machine. So, after a couple of years of driving. Then like anything else, your mobility scooter batteries will also be worn. Limiting the distance that you will travel on any one charge.

So if you buy a second hand scooter or wheelchair it would be in you best interest to change the batteries. it makes sense and you would not want to be caught short on a journey with a flat battery.

Fully charged mobility scooter and power wheelchair batteries last for at least several hours. These batteries, can be expected to travel a range of around 10 miles. depending on the size and type of vehicle that you own. For this reason some can travel much further. Of course, you will gauge this when you get used to the distance that your particular vehicle will travel on a fully charged battery.

battery care is really quiet simple. Keep the mobility battery charged at all times. Check your terminals and terminal wires for cracks or damage. Once the battery is fully charged then unplug the charger from the mains. This may not be the case for a smart charger.
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Battery life is a major concern for any power wheelchair user, so check out our Q&A on how to extend the life of power wheelchair batteries.

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