Mobility Scooter batteries/Wheelchair Winter Care-Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter Winter Weather Tips

Mobility Scooter batteries/Wheelchair Winter Care

Mobility Scooter/Wheelchair Winter Care

Mobility Scooter batteries/Wheelchair Winter Care

I think we all love the romance of the first winter snow fall. However as we get into early February, the romance has worn off and we are looking forward to Spring and some warmer days. Winter can be a bad time for all of us, but can be more troublesome when you become old or disabled for some reason.

As we know, the nation has begun to feel the effects of the winter weather. So, it’s unfortunate that with the winter weather comes an increase in injuries and accidents.Therefore a busy period for our emergency services. Unfortunately the number of car and other vehicle accidents. Consequently, also increases at this time of year. Hence, the injuries can range from minor to extremely serious and fatal. This of course includes us all. Able bodied people and the disabled.

Winter weather poses extreme problems for the mobility scooter and power wheelchair users. Especially when they have to drive onto the pavement. This winter (2017-2018) has been particularly bad due to “black ice” gritters clear our road systems after the snow, but the pavements (side-walks) are now neglected. As a result leaving them in a dangerous condition.

This is where winter preparation can help the scooter and wheelchair users. My advice would be to stay indoors, but people will venture out to the shops whenever they can. of course its only human nature. Preparation is a great idea for us all and not just old and disabled people.

Mobility Scooter/Wheelchair Winter Care-Keep a first aid kit handy

Although it may seam a bit over the top then a  first aid kit could be better tailored to winter needs. So,by adding foil survival blankets, perfect for preventing loss of heat and instant ice packs which are ideal for use on sprains, strains and other injuries when trying to reduce pain, swelling and bruising.

A regular first aid kit would be a good thing to keep. Just in case of a slip or accident on your mobility scooter. Only yesterday i saw a guy at our local football match wrapped up the hilt with a thick coat and blanket over his knees. Of course, he was also wearing a woolly hat and gloves, very sensible?

These are the things that are going to protect you against the cold weather. should you be getting out and about. Apart from your protective clothing then dont forget mobility scooter? make sure that the tyres are correctly inflated. Correctly inflated tyres will deflect sharp pieces of ice that you might drive over. So, a puncture is the last thing you want on a cold freezing day in the middle of town.

Also make sure that your mobility scooter battery is well charged. Especially before a journey. Your battery will not perform as well in cold weather. So only go on shorter journeys. Keep your scooter in the house if possible. Of course, where it is warm and keep your wheelchair battery warm if possible?

Eric Roberts

Most people have a love/hate relationship with winter weather. As a mobility scooter or wheelchair user, snow fall, freezing rain, icy sidewalks and pathways


Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter Winter Weather Tips

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Mobility Scooter/Wheelchair Winter Care
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