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Mobility Scooter Battery-Charger Check

Mobility Scooter Battery-Charger Check

This is a useful video in my opinion. Since selling mobility scooter and electric wheelchair batteries online. So, I am coming to terms with the difficulties that disabled people find in changing or testing their mobility scooter batteries.

Even the smaller 12 volt 12 AH batteries are heavy to carry. Of course, some of the bigger batteries are a struggle to lift and carry for most people. Because of this I would recommend a friend or relation to help you test and remove your old scooter batteries. Electric Wheelchairs have the same problems.

Since selling mobility products, I am learning all the time !

In my opinion, Mobility Scooter are very well designed. However, I find some scooters batteries are hidden away in a plastic box. Making  access to the batteries very difficult. In fact we do help people in scooter to fit the batteries that they buy.

To put it another way, these plastic boxes with hidden screws are difficult to get into for able bodied people ! recently, a customer at our Halifax base, called in to have some mobility scooter batteries fitted. (We do offer this service for customer callers). So, the black was held together with some very deeply set Phillips screws.

To get at these we had to make a screw driver with a very long shaft. In fact the only way we could do this was to weld a long metal rod to screwdriver. Of course, this did the trick but the guy could not have done this alone. However for the disabled people who are also handymen then I recommend that you look at this video.

Otherwise, have I said earlier find a good friend or relation, who is willing and able to help you. After all these batteries are very heavy !