Mobility scooter battery-charger test-Using a Multimeter and low voltage meter

In this video, we demonstrate how to determine if your battery is failing and/or if your charger is failing to charge your battery. Tools needed are a multi meter, and a low voltage meter. The first thing the guy does is to open the box that contains the scooter batteries. The battery box lid is removed and from there we can see the 2X12Volt 12 AH mobility batteries.

He then uses the multi-meter. Consequently, the batteries should both read at about 13 Volts each. The batteries are disconnected. The guy then connects the low-voltage meter to the batteries one at a time. The reading should show up at between 800 and 1000, on the meter scale. With the battery connected he pressed the button for about fifteen to twenty seconds. The load tester puts pressure on the battery, by heating up wires on the inside. This works like an electric fire and puts a load ono the battery.

Mobility scooter battery-charger test

The batteries can then be reconnected to test the charger. Most noteworthy, battery chargers, are normally from 1 AH to 4 Ah for 12-volt mobility batteries. The charger is tested with the voltmeter.Finally, the charger should read 13.2 volts.

The battery is tested again and if the voltage holds out then the battery is good .In this case, both voltages held out and so the batteries were good.


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