mobility scooter battery information-How to calculate the TRUE distance your scooter will travel?

mobility scooter battery information

mobility scooter battery information

Explicitly, how to work out battery range of a scooter or any electric vehicle using simple maths. Of course, when I first watched this video. So,  I was freaked out by the guys voice. Astoundingly, I think that he has some disability issues to contend with of his own?

That aside, the information that he gives out though is very valuable. If you look at his simple calculations. Consequently, then  you can work out the correct distance that your scooter will travel. It looks to me as though some of the mobility scooter manufacturers are overstating the distance that a particular product will travel. This could also be a problem with the AGM golf batteries.

mobility scooter battery information

If you are have  golf trolley batteries ! Perhaps you should be also working out exactly how far your golf buggy will travel on one charge. However, I digress? we are talking here about the mobility batteries that are supplied with you particular scooter. Perhaps, this video will open your eyes? (as it did me). Once you have all the information from your scooters handbook, then you can work out the correct distance traveled.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the number of times that scooter drivers have run out of battery power on a journey. Millions of mobility users are taking the figures for the mileage as sacrosanct. It is clear from this video, that this may not be correct information. Mobility batteries are usually a very reliable product. The batteries are tested before they leave on the way to the customer.

Although not very common, we still get complaints from mobility drivers. The complaints are usually that their scooters are running out of power before the 10k journey that they were expecting. Since looking at this video , I now realise why? I will ask the customer to look at this video and work out for themselves what the true distance of travel is?

Eric Roberts

Eric writes stories about anything that includes disability issues for his mobilitybatterystore blog.
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