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Mobility Scooter battery sales

Mobility Scooter battery sales

I had to start and string some mobility battery posts together. Reason been that we are still locked into the dreadful pandemic. Because most of our mobility scooter drivers have been confined to their homes. I too am no spring chicken and are fortunate enough to have no disability issues apart from arthritic knees. Consequently, many of our customers have been locked down. Unable to carry out the normal and regular trips out. Say to the shops or to visit a friend or relation.

Electric wheelchairs come under the same category. because hospitals have been out of bound to anything other than covid19 victims then the wheelchair users have also been confine to their homes. However we have recently seen a slight improvement in certain battery part numbers. For instance the Lucas 22Ah batteries re moving well. Indicating a move from indoors to the outside for some fed mobility scooter users.

Make sure your battery is charged while in lockdown!

I have talked about this simple thing on many occasions. Particularly during the winter period. So, scooter and wheelchair batteries should be maintained when not in use. Importantly this includes lockdown!

Sometimes, I wonder if the situation will ever get back to normal! However on a few recent visits to coastal towns, then I have noticed a slight increase in mobility scooter traffic. I recently visited “Seahouses” a beautiful coastal harbour town in the North of England .Northumberland to be precise. My wife Michelle and I decided to have a short break and rented a small cottage near to the sea.

So, we really love this part of the world and often visit nearby towns such as Seahouses. On this particular day the weather was perfect for a stroll around the harbour followed by some wonderful “fish and chips” for lunch. because of covid we had to eat outdoors but that was no problem. Because I sell mobility scooter batteries then its the first thing I look out for. Especially the new larger scooters that operate on 2 x 85Ah mobility agm batteries.

This day was to be full of retired people enjoying the spring sunshine. The UK has had one of the coldest Aprils on record and the warmth from the sun was most welcome. Mobility scooters were a plenty and this was excellent to see. People out enjoying themselves after this disastrous pandemic has had us all under its grip.