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Mobility scooter charging stations

Charging stations becoming a little more common

So, when I first saw this attached article then I thought it was about Rockingham here in the UK! However it is Rockingham in Australia!

Never the less then I still decided to link to the article because it is a bit of good news. Although not for the Rockingham in the UK. So, the good news is that these battery stations will help people in electric wheelchairs and mobility scooter owners alike.

Charging your scooter battery can be a bit of  lottery! Especially when the elderly may forget whether they have charged their mobility scooter battery up or not. Fortunately, then I find it a kin to forgetting to top up your cars fuel before setting off on a long journey. It does happen! Especially when you are getting on a bit.

Battery charging stations

I think that there will be more and more of these charging stations placed in convenient indoor places in future. Simply because of the shear volume of mobility scooters that are now being used. As a matter of fact, disabled and the elderly will soon be able to have a run out to their favorite shopping centre and have a coffee while the scooter batteries are been recharged. Of course for to power the scooter on their homeward journey. Unfortunately here in October 2020 we have been struck by the “Covid 19 virus” ! Therefore, this virus has made it impossible for the elderly and disabled to venture out and about as much. Of course these are the most vulnerable groups and catching this flu like disease could be fatal to this age group.

Batteries will be able to get charging on route or at your local shopping centre. Well worth a read-

Mobility scooter charging stations now at Rockingham Shopping Centre – 97.3 Coast FM