Mobility Scooter Crashes-killed 14 people last year-up from just one five years ago

Mobility Scooter Crashes

Mobility Scooter Crashes

Mobility Scooter Crashes

Like similar vehicles, using mobility scooter and electric wheelchairs requires a little user know how and road safety. However it must concern us all about these death figures.

As a result then I am certain that the government will be looking at a possible insurance scheme in case there is any third party damage or injuries caused while drive one of these mobility scooters.

Being in a mobility vehicle does not excuse the user from being reckless. Similar to car crashes, if a scooter has unavoidably collided with a pedestrian, then the driver should be courteous enough to stop and help out with any required assistance.

Apparently there are driver training courses available for first time scooter users. Therefore it is advisable that first time users attend training courses. Which are offered by a number of organizations within their areas on the proper usage of these vehicles. Of course there are actual “driving in a car courses” available to disabled people. however I am struggling to find scooter driving course.

Although I have found a great guide for all wheelchair and scooter users at the following site- 

Mobility Scooter Crashes

However, being in a mobility vehicle does not excuse the user from being reckless. How many times do we see mobility vehicle weaving in and out of traffic on a busy road? it makes me cringe when I see some of things that drivers get up to.

I do know that speed of these vehicles determines some of the rules that govern them. For example the ones capable of driving on roads should have proper indicators and an orange flashing light fitted at a certain height. This so they can be seen by the other traffic on the road. Unfortunately, then I have not witnessed one vehicle with an orange flashing light showing.
I also think that users should also wear bright florescent clothing at all times. Avoid journeying at night. Especially in winter time when we have long dark nights.It is also important to keep your electric vehicle mobility batteries correctly charged and in good condition. As a result more and more people are coming to a standstill with a flat battery than ever before.

However, like anything else then common sense prevails and although we would like to see no deaths at all then the figures are not too bad. Considering there are millions of these mobility scooters on our roads. Thus providing the user with many happy hours of freedom.

Eric Roberts


MOBILITY scooter crashes killed 14 people last year — up from just one five years ago. A further 61 incidents were classed as “serious”, with 44 pedestrians injured by the electric buggies. Figures…

Source: Mobility scooter crashes killed 14 people last year — up from just one five years ago

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Mobility Scooter Crashes
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