Mobility Scooter Death-Man in wheelchair dies after 100-foot tumble down escalator at Metro s

Mobility Scooter Death

Mobility Scooter Death

Mobility Scooter Death

Unfortunately, this sad story follows on from my last article. So, in my opinion there are far too many deaths coming from mobility scooters and related vehicle. Notably, this guy was actually driving his battery operated electric wheelchair. Markedly, this dreadful accident happened on the  Washington, D.C.’s Columbia Heights Metro rail station.

Presumably the wheelchair user was trying to balance his vehicle on one of the escalator steps . of course he though he could hold onto the rails at either side and ride the thing easily. However the wheels of the chair began to roll and then the guy could not handle the weight. Losing total control and then hurtled the 100 foot to the bottom. So, turning head over heels and ended up at the bottom with his wheelchair on top of him.

According to witnesses the guys legs were covered in blood and obviously required medical treatment in hospital. As a result of been taken to the nearest hospital, then the guy sadly passed away. Wheelchair and mobility scooter users do take risks. many a time I have seen them making a mad dash across a busy highway crossing. Narrowly avoiding a close accident.

49 scooter drivers killed in Holland in 2015

Of course some dont make it! in my last post there were 49 people killed in 2015 in Holland alone. Indeed I have written many a story about scooter drivers and their close calls with accident. Some of course are actually killed.

The man reached the top of the escalator before he tipped over and fell to the bottom, his motorized chair falling on top of him. In my opinion then many problems occur when the scooter batteries are losing there power.

Especially at the end of a trip out.One drivers mobility battery ran out of charge halfway across a busy road junction. Luckily passers by rushed to his rescue  and rushed him to the nearest walkway. Sadly the man died later in hospital.Yet another sad statistic regarding the drivers of these mobility vehicles.

Source: Man in wheelchair dies after 100-foot tumble down escalator at Metro s