Mobility Scooter on Australian freeway-Stopped by Melbourne police on busy Monash Freeway

Australian Mobility Scooter on Australian freeway

Mobility Scooter on Australian freeway

Mobility Scooter on Australian freeway

So, this is a story that is becoming too common for comfort. Of course there is probably a few things that cause these drivers to risk their lives. Subsequently, I fear that alcohol may have something to do with the lack of judgement.

Having a drink with the lads at lunchtime could be an answer. So, after a couple of beers may in fact give the scooter drivers some “Dutch courage”. Causing them to travel on roads that they would not normally dare to go. In fact they are not allowed to travel these roads at any time.

So, the police stopped this particular offender and gave him a swift “telling off”. Importantly, I recently wrote about a similar subject that happened closer to home in Scotland.

Danger of flat batteries

Of course, as well as been highly dangerous then there is also a chance of the scooter driver having a flat battery. Flying down these highways at top speed will quickly put the scooters 12 volt batteries out of use.

Can you imagine being stuck on the hard shoulder with a dead battery! Its bad enough stranded in a car. So, many scooter drivers have difficulty with walking so could not leave the vehicle and seek the sanctuary of the verge out of the way of the traffic. However I still find these stories interesting enough to publish. Finally, its is also a wake up time not to leave home without fully charged batteries on your electric wheelchair and mobility scooters.

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts
Eric writes stories about anything that includes disability issues for his mobilitybatterystore blog.

An elderly man is filmed driving a mobility scooter along a busy Melbourne freeway, before he is stopped by police and reunited with his worried family.

Source: Mobility scooter rider stopped by Melbourne police on busy Monash Freeway – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)