Mobility Scooter Riders-to undergo compulsory training after it was revealed 231 people have been killed

Mobility Scooter Riders

Mobility Scooter Riders

This story is coming out of Adelaide in Australia. How ever, the idea must be swilling about the powers that be in many other countries. Mobility vehicle are now becoming very popular and are very important to there users. Over the years these machines operated by strong AGM batteries have become a life line to otherwise house bound people.

Of course, scooters are used by millions of the disabled and elderly in most countries. many of the drivers have driven cars all their lives. However many drivers have not driven any other vehicle in their lives ?

We have an 80 odd year old lady who takes her scooter in our local store. Believe me she is very dangerous. So, if nothing else she is always knocking over products that are stacked or advertising boards. She sees nothing wrong and carries on regardless. I fear that she may be banned in the near future, before she kills another customer ?

many Mobility Scooter Riders need some training

I am sure that there are many riders who do the same thing? Like Australia then I am sure that a small test and training would not go amiss. So, we have all witnessed scooter drivers shooting across main roads and streets as if they are invincible. Well the Australian figures prove that they are not and many riders are in fact killed.

A recent post that I did shows a scooter rider taking a motorway slip road and driving down the motorway. It is like a death wish ? Of course there are rules when driving mobility scooter here in the UK.

Eric Roberts

THE deaths of at least 132 people in accidents involving motorised mobility scooters has prompted fresh calls for elderly and disabled Australians to undergo compulsory training before using the vehicles.

Source: Calls for mobility scooter riders to undergo compulsory training after it was revealed 231 people have been killed in accidents | Adelaide Now

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Mobility Scooter Riders
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