Mobility scooter-Rough Terrain-Wheelchair accessible outdoor routes- Top 10 across the UK

Mobility scooter-Rough Terrain

Mobility scooter-Wheelchair accessible outdoor routes

Wheelchair accessible outdoor routes

I just love good articles like this one. Until recently, I did not even think that you could get mobility scooter and wheelchairs. Hence, to drive on such Mobility scooter-Rough Terrain? Looking at the guys on the image, then it looks like the vehicles are equipped with special wheels. At least one of them has bigger back wheels?

This must be to give better traction on the rough stone pathways. Please do not forget to check your mobility batteries. At least before you set off into the wilderness on your Mobility scooter or electric wheelchairs. I could think of nothing worse. Thus, than to run out of battery power and then you are stuck on the moors.

So to move us further on in time these type of vehicles are becoming more popular. In recent time then I have seen several variations of these machines just on the regular high street. Disabilities come in many shapes and forms. So there are many disabled and elderly people willing to take on the rough side of life and venture on to the dirt track roads that the UK has to offer.

We talk to outdoor expert View Ranger about the best mobility scooter and wheelchair accessible routes in the UK, ideal for people with mobility problems.

Source: Top 10 mobility scooter and wheelchair accessible outdoor routes across the UK