Mobility Scooter Turns Dalek-Man Builds Full-Size Dalek and Wonders Why He’s All Alone

Mobility Scooter Turns Dalek

Mobility Scooter Turns Dalek

Mobility Scooter Turns Dalek

Of course with so much gloom in the world, this was a funny story? All of a sudden this guy turns up with a dalek that he has created out of the shell of an electric wheelchair. I suppose that as long as the batteries are charged then the dalek will function correctly.

However as I have said then it is a little bit of nice relief after the recent doom and gloom stories that are heading our way. As an illustration then I have just heard about a motorway concrete section collapsing. On an Italian motorway. The sad thing about these things is that we never know when it might happen to us.

Enough of this sadness and lets laugh at the guy with his Mobility Scooter Turns Dalek. Daleks were fist introduced in an old Dr Who television series. In the first place on British  TV and then all over the world. They were very bad things and terrified most of the children watching?

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At least he should have nice muscles after pushing his Dalek around all day. Built for around $1,149, this full-sized Dalek uses an electric wheelchair as its base, and in addition to pushing, can also be controlled via remote.

Source: Man Builds Full-Size Dalek and Wonders Why He’s All Alone

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Mobility Scooter Turns Dalek
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